Welcome to By The Lake (BTL) Scavenger Hunt!

What do I enjoy more than writing books, reading books, chatting about books & book boyfriends...I LOVE giving things away to my readers/fans/friends! 


For 2017, the BTL Scavenger Hunt will be played every week. only EACH week will have one prize!




Meet you at the beach with your shovel! 

The BTL Scavenger hunt is a great way to join in on all the fun! There is 1 monthly giveaway that you can enter weekly for your chance to win. You need to be signed up for Shannyn Leah's newsletter and BTL SCAVENGER HUNT facebook page(in the box on the right) to get the email that includes the link to the clues which are sent weekly.

You can jump in on the fun any time of the month and even if you miss a week here or there, that's okay, because you can enter the next week! At the end of each month, all the entries will be added in the Random Name Picker and one will be selected for the monthly prize!

What is the monthly prize, you might wonder. It can be anything, from e-books, autographed paperback books, jewelry, swag, e-gift cards from Amazon or Starbucks...it will be a surprise every month! 

How to Play:

1: Sign up for Shannyn Leah's Newsletter (above) & the BTL SCAVENGER HUNT Facebook Page (below)

2: Wait for the weekly email with the link to start the search for the BTL Scavenger Hunt clue "BLT CLUE" (pictured to your right).

3: Follow the link from the email which will bring you to "The Dig" page. There you will find 4 "Sand Dig"  boxes. Click each box in any random order you like. One of the four pages will have the "BTL Clue" on it. Once you find the "BTL CLUE" logo, click it.

5: There will be a page with your question. Read the question, follow the link to the "BTL Scavenger Hunt Facebook Page" and write your answer in the current post for that clue.

6: The first person to answer the question on the BTL Scavenger Hunt Facebook page correctly gets 10 entries into the draw for that week. Every person who answer afterwards will get one entry. Psst...most questions will be about Shannyn Leah's books. If you know the answer, GREAT, hurry to the facebook page and try to be the first person to answer correctly. If you don't know the answer that's alright too, there will be lots of answers on the facebook page you can copy to get your one entry.

7: At the end of each week all the commenters entries for the questions will be entered into Random Name Picker, where one name will be chosen for the winner!