Small Town Romance


The McAdams Sisters #3.5 (Prequel Novella)

Abby McAdams’ Gran has just died and she is not coping well. Why can’t her sisters just leave her alone so she can grieve in peace? And why can’t she sleep through the night anymore? To quell the chaos inside her, Abby turns to alcohol – just like her dad. But the quiet and closed off new guy in town, Riley, intrigues her. She feels comfortable in his presence and her tension seems to dissolve when he’s around. Riley’s quiet demeanor calms her nerves like no drink can. But Riley keeps his walls up, punishing himself for past mistakes.

Will Abby continue drinking to forget, becoming an alcoholic like her father, or will she turn to Riley instead to find her peace? And will Riley let her into his life, or turn his back on her forever?

Candy Crumble is a prequel to Lakeshore Candy. Get a glimpse into the lives of Abby McAdams and Riley Boyd before their romance began.




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Gran's POV

Rocking slowly with one foot, her hands busy connecting stitches, a light tune humming from her lips while watching the six most important people in her life, her so and five grandchildren, busied themselves preparing a meal and setting the table while sipping on wine and their mouths all spilling news at once.

  Only holidays gathered these wonderful people into one place together. Sure they all saw each other here and there and with only this person or that but altogether in the last eight years were memories only holidays could create. And a good last memory it would be.

  Her finger slipped and her hand clenched in pain.  A physical pain that didn’t compare to the emotional pain, the guilt, she felt for not creating these bonding moments sooner. For not keeping these girls closer together and taking care of a lost father who only needed time and support.  None of which she’d done for years.

But, the loss of a daughter and the suspicion of a town was too overwhelming to evade, until that little spark and youngest granddaughter, Abby, laughing with a huge loving smile and large round eyes, winked her way, every time their eyes met, could no longer handle life without guidance.

It was that moment, years ago, in the dead of night, on a cold evening, when Abby showed up, a lost soul, that she’d realized although her daughters mysterious death was important, so was the family she left behind.

Now, with the silent killer creeping quickly through her body, she had to bring these girls back together and not just for holidays. They all had to forget the past that plagued them and face the future together head-on, together and stronger, without her.

Her time had run out to solve her daughter’s mystery and she certainly didn’t expect to put that burden on her grandchildren. Together, those girls would be able to take over the world; or at the very least the town they ran from. They needed each other, especially the youngest and especially in the months to follow.