Nov. 30 - Crystal St.Clair, Author Author & Author Takeover 
Dec. 1 - Tracy Lorraine Author & Author Takeover 
Dec. 2 - Grace Risata & Author Takeover 
Dec. 3 - Geri Glenn, Author & Author Takeover 
Dec. 4 - Sylvie Stewart Romance & Author Takeover 
Dec. 5 - Shannyn Leah & Author Takeover & Audrey Delaine
Dec. 6 -Louise James, Author & Author Takeover 
Dec. 7 - Anne Stone Author & Author Takeover 
Dec. 8 - Dionne Grace
Dec. 9 - J. Saman 
Dec. 10 - Devika Fernando - Author
Dec. 11 - Sheri-Lynn Marean
Dec. 12 - Zoe Dawson & Author Takeover 
Dec. 13 - Eliza Duke & Author Takeover 
Dec. 14 - Celeste Fall & Author Takeover 
Dec. 15 - Nikki Belaire
Dec. 16 - JM Walker
Dec. 17 - Kelly Moore
Dec. 18 - Scarlett King & Author Takeover 
Dec. 19 - Haley Pierce Romance
Dec. 20 - K.B. Andrews
Dec. 21 - Sara Marks & Author Takeover
Dec. 22 - Emerald O'Brien
Dec. 23 - Kailee Reese Samuels
Dec. 24 - Book Boyfriend Bed Hop & Laura L Stapleton

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