Cheyenne Collins’s past has just come back to haunt her. Again. She runs to the sanctuary of her grandmother’s home in Willow Valley in the hopes of spending the Christmas holiday in a quiet, safe place. What she doesn’t expect is for her ex, Booker Banks, to also be in town. Right next door, in fact, visiting his grandfather.

Instead of the quiet, peaceful holiday Cheyenne envisioned, she must deal with cranky, bickering
neighbors, an instigating niece, the emotions she feels for Booker and her past. As her and Booker began
to repair their relationship, she fears he will run again, too.

Will she be able to make him stay this time
despite the secrets she is hiding in her past? And when her abusive mother shows up on the scene, will
Cheyenne finally take a stand or will she be the one to run?