LAKESHORE LEGEND, Book #2, Peyton and Colt Chapter

Thirty-Six (Deleted Scene)

Kent and Elaine’s small wedding was postponed a week after the accident, still taking place in Colt’s gorgeous mansion on the lake. Colt and Peyton’s mansion on the lake.

As she spent the week walking through every room in the house, she found it hard to believe that this was her future, with the man of her dreams, and their two little miracles on the way. They were having twins. It was all so fast and all overwhelming, in a wonderful exciting way she’d never imagined would happen to her rock heart. 

Peyton and her sisters had spent a wonderful afternoon shopping at the dress shop with Elaine, who was as easy going as the flow of her gorgeous cream wedding gown. Although Elaine wasn’t picky, telling them to wear whichever dress they liked, they invited her along to help with the final decision.The finalized on dresses of the same silverish-grey tone with different necklines. Peyton chose a one shoulder neckline, since she knew how much her one shoulder dresses intrigued her fiancée. Her fiancee. It gave her a giddy feeling...which could also be mistaken for her morning sickness. 

Now, a limousine pulled in front of Peyton’s dad house, and she watched all of her sisters, with Haylee, come rushing out to pick Peyton and her father up, and deliver them to the amazing house where the happy couple would be saying their vows to one another.

“Dad, they’re here!” Peyton called, opening the door. Her dad had been down the hall in his bedroom for long over an an hour getting ready. It was very unlike him. His nerves were not doubt a mess. Peyton smirked at the thought. How sweet and adorable. Getting nervous for his new bride.

One by one her sisters shuffled into the house, with a mouthful to say and arms of love.

“Did you see what we arrived in?” Sydney asked, hiking her finger out the front door, while giving Peyton a hug. Sydney chose a gorgeous, vintage-style dress with a lace neckline covering her chest and rising up her sleeves.

“It’s very nice.” Peyton said, sending Johnathan, the limo driver, a wave. 

“So, since you’ve officially snagged Colt for yourself, can you convince him we need the limo and driver as a permanent fixture in our lives?” Abby teased. She chose a halter neckline that suited her bold personality. “That was for sure his doing and I feel like a princess.”

Kate shook her head. “Go find your own Prince Charming and leave Peyton alone with hers.”

Abby turned. “Don’t even get me started on you, little Mrs. husband owns everything...”

“Jealous?” Kate teased. Her bateau neckline matched the sophisticated way she presented herself.

Peyton pulled Abby further into the house and Kate into a hug. “Enough girls or you both drive in dad’s truck.”

Haylee followed through the door and Peyton gave her a hug. She had also chosen a grey matching dress with a scoop neckline appropriate for her young age.

“I will simply call my husband to send another limo,” Kate teased.

Abby stuck her tongue out at her. “I will call Riley and show up on a bike.”

“Don’t temp her,” Sydney said. “She would totally show up on a bike.”

Peyton walked to the end of the hall, passing the laundry room, and unable to help the grin that formed on her face, remembering the first day she discovered Kent was dating Elaine. A shudder followed.

She knocked on his bedroom door. “Dad, are you ready?”

When there was no reply Peyton knocked again. “Dad?”

There was a brief moment of silence. “The door is unlocked.”

Peyton pushed the door open and found her dad sitting on the edge of his be, his elbows on his knees and his fingers clasped together, wringing something in his hands. He was dressed in his jet black tux and shimmering silver tie. Freshly shaved, with his hair styled, he was a handsome groom. His face didn’t reflect the happiness it should.

She pulled the door half way shut, to reduce her sister’s arguing coming from the kitchen. They were fighting over the baked cookies Elaine had left on the counter. She swore if one of those hungry little meal worms got food over their outfits, before the wedding, she was going to slap them silly. That overflowing plate would surely be empty before they walked out the door.

Peyton sat on the bed beside him. “Hey Daddy, what are you thinking about?”

Kent didn’t look at her. “Your mother.”

Ahh, there was that love again, coming in and interfering with a good thing.

“It’s bad right? That I’m thinking of your mother on the day I’m to wed another,” Kent said.

“I don’t think so Dad.”

“I think it’s bad,” he said.

“What about Mom are you thinking?” Peyton asked.

He smiled then. “Our love was cut short. I wasn’t ready to lose her and suddenly in an instance she was gone. She was the love of my life. The first time I saw her, I knew I didn’t want to spend another day without her.”

That was the way Peyton felt about Colt. She never wanted to spend another day without him by her side.

“Her smiled was contagious, like Sydney. Her stark truth and sassy way of speaking roped me in, just like you and Kate. Her spark for life made me want to conquer life like Abby, and her determination to do so like Avery, gave me my strength.”

Peyton heard a rustle at the door and found three quiet sister’s staring inside with heartbroken faces.

“I feel guilty loving Elaine the way I do. I feel guilty losing myself all those years and you girls had to fend for yourselves. I don’t deserve this happiness I’m about to embark on, after taking away everyone else’s.”

Peyton reached her hand and embraced her father’s, as the sadness he felt trickled through her. “Dad you were lost when mom died. We all understand and we all forgive you.” Peyton looked up at her sister’s and they took her welcome and slowly came into the room surrounding their father.

He looked up. “I’m sorry I didn’t take better care of you girls.”

When their dad came out of rehab they hadn’t talked about when they were young, and Peyton could see now, by the sadness in his eyes, that they should have.

“You girls are so good to me after all the terrible things I have done.” He looked up at Kate. “Especially you.” Kate had taken it all on.

Kate bent down on one knee and reached for their father’s hand. “Dad, we understand. I understand. I forgave you so long ago and I’ve loved you through all of it. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished in a loss that was remarkably difficult.”

He grunted. “Proud of a drunk?”

“Proud of the wonderful man you've become, after you battled and conquered your disease. Of your own choice,” Kate added.

“Daddy you deserve this happiness you’ve found with Elaine,” Sydney said, also bending onto her knee in front of him. “Momma, would want you to find your happiness. She would never want you to feel guilty for loving another. She loved you as much as you loved her.”

Peyton watched a tear stream down her father’s face.

Abby didn’t add any words, looking like she was going to cry her makeup away. She flew into their dads arms and hugged him. “Dad, I love you.”

Peyton moved back, after almost being shoved off the bed, but Sydney stood, and leaned into the hug. Kate followed, tugging Peyton to join in.

“I love you girls,” Kent said, through their bodies suffocating him.

When they pulled away, the guilt was gone, and a fresh smile found his face. “I’m lucky to have all of you. I wish your brother would have been able to make it.”

Abby shrugged. “You know that band type, they just can’t take a break for no one.”

“Yeah, you would know,” Kate teased.

“Why? Why do you all always tease me?” Abby cried.

Everyone laughed.

“Are you ready Dad?” Peyton asked

He nodded.

They all climbed into the limo and Peyton’s couldn’t wait to get back home to her Colt.

THE END of Lakeshore Legend deleted scene. I hope you enjoyed, Shannyn xoxo