When the warm summer months are here and the sun is beating down on your daily activities: hanging out by the beach, long walks, or jogging around the park, and you find yourself warm, more than likely your dog it too! 

Treat your dog to a cool, refreshing pupsicle, frozen treats or ice cream. These frozen treats are easy, quick and simple to prepare. Have a container of these homemade and healthy recipes prepared, frozen and on-hand for your pooch, after your active day! 

Dogs love chewing ice cubes, so these delicious fruit flavored frozen summer treats will certainly hit the right spot with your dog! Not only will your dogs love them, but when making your own homemade dog treats, you know exactly the healthy ingredients that go into them. 

Smoothies are great not only to cool you down during the hot summer months, but to prepare and enjoy all year round. Smoothies are healthy snacks or a quick and easy breakfast on the go! Here are twenty refreshing and delicious fruit recipes that will make you feel like it is a warm summer day any time of the year!

Making homemade ice cream is easy, quick and cheap! It is also has less ingredients than store-bought ice cream and is therefore healthier for you and your family! Kids love ice cream, adults love ice cream, and here are a great variety of ice cream flavors to satisfy everyone.

These recipes are no machine, no-churn and you will only need simple tools you have around your house, like a freezer, electric mixer, saucepan, etc.

Enjoy these refreshing and mouth watering recipes!