Time Travel Romance

The Winters #1

Brea was born a Second, a lowly class of people in the Lexcon society. But she also bore the birthmark that destined her to marry a Gatekeeper, the “superheroes” of their world. Some called her destiny a great privilege. She called it doomed to a cage with no key.

Gatekeepers were born and raised to ensure time remained untainted and unchanged, but Brea saw them as overlords who looked down on her kind… on Seconds.

Forced to marry Gatekeeper Jax Winters, Brea vows not to complete the ritual bonding with him until she can talk with council about how Seconds are treated. She plans to use her newfound status to help the plight of those born like her.

But she never dreams of the twist her life will take, moving her into a higher position than she’d ever dreamed. Will she and Jax always be at odds, or will their hearts bond together as their souls already have? Will Brea change the future of Lexcon, or will she be forever doomed to live life in the dark?

“Winters Rising” is the first STANDALONE in the “The Winters” trilogy about the Winters Siblins, from author Shannyn Leah.


Samantha Majchrzak artist behind the Winters Crest on the cover of the book

Samantha Majchrzak has been drawing since she was four when she completed her first “accomplished” drawing for her mom. She remembers her mom pinning it on the fridge and never wanting to miss out on that joy again. More importantly she didn’t want to lose the joy and happiness she had while creating her “masterpiece.”

After attending Pittsburgh Art Institute for Digital Media, she realized that digital media was not where her heart lay. She wanted to create thoughts into images with her own hands, instead. Now Samantha creates sketches and drawings, forming new worlds from her mind and on to the page.

Samantha’s latest artwork can be seen on the cover of Shannyn Leah’s novel, Winters Rising. She been delving into tattoo art as well and is excited for more freelance work. For more information about Samantha’s artwork, email her atSmajchrzak222@gmail.com.

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