NEW BAD BOY: Underground Figher Release

Stone Patino was once a bad boy, but not since moving to Willow Valley. He left that bad boy life behind years ago. Left it in the underground fighting ring he used to call his home. Now, he lives in the country and works on cars. He prefers the simple life without someone trying to put their fist through his face on a weekly basis. There’s just one thing about that life he misses.

Bowie Blake was once a bad girl too. But now she’s a socialite turned reality TV star who turned her back ten years ago on the love of her life, Stone Patino. 

Full of regret and needing help, she seeks out Stone again. She drags Stone back into the ring to fight her battles and save her wheelchair-bound brother. Stone agrees, but must fight through his own demons and his love for Bowie. Both soon learn it’s not easy to fight the same battles they’d already fought and lost so many years ago. But now it’s a fight they both aim to win.

“Stone” is the second in the “Bad Boys of Willow Valley” series from author Shannyn Leah

DAX by Shannyn Leah is a tale of frozen and fearful hearts thawed by love. Ms. Leah writes with a passion that does not need flowery phrases or misty fields of green.

Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore have been up to some fun trouble! They're writing a comedy book series together to be released this August. You don't want to miss this hilarious new series, and if you're ready for a sneak peek into the crazy, wild and fun characters make sure to join THE CRD POSSE Facebook group.  

WARNING: This book series is not as "sweet" as Shannyn's usual writing (Kelly has been a bad influence in a good way ;)). The f-bomb will be dropped and there's explicit sexual scenes, so please be aware before joining the group and reading this upcoming series.

We both look forward to seeing you there! xoxo Shannyn & Kelly 


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Shannyn Leah writes under a new Pen Name, "Audrey Delaine" for her "Clean" books. Soon, all Shannyn's books will also be available "Sweet and Clean".   Visit Audrey Delaine's Webpage.

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